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  • A candy consisting of a nut, seed, or other center coated in sugar.

    ‘They would often prepare egg custard, comfits, lambs' tails, white sugar sweets, fig pies and wafers, and give their mothers nosegays of wild flowers that had been blessed in church.’
    • ‘Early versions contained caraway comfits; seeds alone came into use in the 18th century.’
    • ‘The rustle and bustle that regularly sweeps the British front row at the shows is usually just some generous soul handing round a bag of licorice comfits.’
    • ‘Left whole and coated with sugar rather than roasted, the seeds make a dessert-type treat called coriander comfit.’
    • ‘The winning pudding, from staff at Bentleys Restaurant in Shelf, sat on a pot roast of Yorkshire lamb, comfit of local vegetables with Wakefield leek, keelan potatoes and jus of garden mint.’



/ˈkəmfət/ /ˈkämfət/ /ˈkɑmfət/


Middle English from Old French confit, from Latin confectum ‘something prepared’, neuter past participle of conficere ‘put together’ (see confect).