Definition of comfort eating in English:

comfort eating

Pronunciation /ˈkəmfərt ˌēdiNG/ /ˈkəmfərt ˌidɪŋ/


  • Eating to make oneself feel happier, rather than to satisfy hunger.

    ‘Others may be miserable, prone to comfort eating.’
    • ‘I had never seen comfort eating of such concentrated, panoramic intensity.’
    • ‘Also, a little bit of self-pitying comfort eating probably wouldn't go amiss either, Nicole.’
    • ‘The concept of "comfort eating" comes into its own in autumn.’
    • ‘There was no vocabulary for this kind of thing back then - comfort eating, rewarding yourself with food etc.’
    • ‘Previous studies have linked stress with comfort eating.’
    • ‘I can't find the will power and my comfort eating has returned.’
    • ‘The accident sent Vaught into years of depression and comfort eating.’
    • ‘I'm off to find food and do some serious comfort eating.’
    • ‘They become uninterested in sex and turn to comfort eating.’
    • ‘She was sceptical at first, but realised she had nothing to lose - except several stones piled on during years of comfort eating.’
    • ‘The weight started going on when she started university and she found herself comfort eating.’
    • ‘Stress can affect self esteem and lead to comfort eating and weight gain.’
    • ‘My main problem has been comfort eating.’
    • ‘In Orbach's latest book, On Eating, she aims to help people break destructive patterns such as dieting, comfort eating and bingeing.’
    • ‘Comfort shopping is like comfort eating.’
    • ‘The downside to such foresight is that many girls undergo a variation in size as a result of dieting, comfort eating and general nervous indisposition.’
    • ‘"Thanks," she sighed, grabbing several and they both took to comfort eating.’
    • ‘It can lead to comfort eating and loss of weight control.’
    • ‘Mr Hood said his comfort eating went on for eight years until an encounter at a Millennium Eve party made him realise he had to change.’