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  • Amusing.

    ‘a series of comical misunderstandings’
    • ‘It made me jump at first, but once I was used to it, I found them strangely comical.’
    • ‘Both were ridiculously funny in what must be two of the best comical roles ever written.’
    • ‘And then she made a big comical show of shaking her watch and holding it up to her ear.’
    • ‘None of them speak English so we have been communicating physically most of the time which is quite comical.’
    • ‘The most comical comment of the week was on our way back to the airport.’
    • ‘They did have this rather strange habit of sticking their thumbs up at the crowd after every song too which looked a tad comical at times.’
    • ‘On his face is the most comical, quizzical expression, which is probably exactly how most of us would look if stuffed.’
    • ‘I had a terrible but quite comical ride home on the tube last night.’
    • ‘The Dublin goalkeeper may wear rather large comical gloves to ensure that the ball does not go past him.’
    • ‘That, like everything else about the man, is so over the top, it's comical.’
    • ‘Confusion about that process is so rampant at the moment, however, as to be almost comical.’
    • ‘His comical perspective on life never fails him and the audience can't help but accept him.’
    • ‘The entire situation is so comical that I can't help but let a small giggle escape.’
    • ‘Despite the idea, the original series was startlingly comical in places.’
    • ‘They looked quite comical as they stood up with their fins and masks still on and their regulators still in their mouths.’
    • ‘He falls off his chair and stumbles around in a comical manner to amuse us all.’
    • ‘Still, it was slightly comical, watching them scurry from the room as the machine did its stuff.’
    • ‘Apparently this comical scene was an attempt to slip through the security cordon at the complex.’
    • ‘The play is a heartbreaking but comical tale of the trials and tribulations couples go through.’
    • ‘There appeared to be thousands of them, in almost comical disarray, and a few police cars.’
    funny, comic, humorous, droll, chucklesome, witty, waggish, facetious, light-hearted, jocular, hilarious, hysterically funny
    silly, absurd, ridiculous, laughable, risible, droll, ludicrous, farcical, preposterous, foolish
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/ˈkämək(ə)l/ /ˈkɑmək(ə)l/


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘relating to or in the style of comedy’): from Latin comicus (see comic) + -al.