Definition of comically in English:


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  • In an amusing, ludicrous, or absurd way.

    ‘a comically fumbled free kick’
    • ‘his comically inept teammates’
    • ‘They seemed to mill around like a pack of comically bewildered animals.’
    • ‘There's no shortage of comically inclined filmmakers for whom ethnicity plays a major role in their creativity.’
    • ‘This episode, set on Valentine's Day, brings the couples back together with comically disastrous results.’
    • ‘She is forever organizing escape attempts, each one more comically ingenious than the last.’
    • ‘The narcissistic involvement with the self and the inability to connect with others are lovingly portrayed in comically caricatured extremes.’
    • ‘Suspense is created, but the bubble is comically burst.’
    • ‘Lesser actors would have come off as comically ineffectual or abrasive and unlikable, but Howard nails the performance.’
    • ‘Although comically represented, the works depict sober modern-day issues.’
    • ‘Both men careen dangerously and comically toward midlife crises.’
    • ‘There is no effort to resolve the incongruity of the movie's semirealistic images with the ethereal play of animated birds comically smashing into things.’



/ˈkämək(ə)lē/ /ˈkɑmək(ə)li/