Definition of comix in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkämiks/ /ˈkɑmɪks/

plural noun

  • Comic books and comic strips, especially ones written for adults or of an underground or alternative nature.

    ‘The contents were generic underground comix: sex, drugs, and revolutionary politics.’
    • ‘Part of the rise of alternative comics beginning in the late 1980s was the rise of the graphic novel, reviving the 1960s underground comix.’
    • ‘Thank you for all the good work in books and comix!’
    • ‘By writing comix about how relationships evolve Watson defies expectations.’
    • ‘As an early figure in the underground comix movement and the son of an animator, he is uniquely qualified to look at this enduring conflict between art & commerce.’
    • ‘Where else in Montreal can you see bands and spoken word acts, watch silent movies with live music, draw comix with your buddies, buy art from a vending machine or chow down on a tasty veggie sandwich?’
    • ‘Please, please, please go and read Sergei's comix.’
    • ‘Be that as it may, having never read the original novel, I came to this adaptation with no expectations beyond a good comix.’
    • ‘It turns out to be a neglected work of smart, tense, hard-boiled crime comix with more going on than just the usual violence.’
    • ‘For the most part none of the articles require prior knowledge of comix past or present, though they may require some patience.’
    • ‘A story about tragedy and regret told in a sweetly simple way, it stands out as one of the most beautifully sad comix in recent memory.’
    • ‘The comix are still the best part.’
    • ‘Actually, the inspiration for a lot of what I'm doing comes more from the anime tradition than US comix.’
    • ‘But most important, it's all done at the service of a linear narrative, the definition of comix.’
    • ‘He essentially becomes a character in a one-man-show that features the reading of comix.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly the comix themselves are as unconventional as their package.’
    • ‘At the same time it happens to be one of the most interesting gay-themed comix to come around in a long while.’
    • ‘These visual puns are the equivalent of clever poetic wordplay, but unique to comix.’
    • ‘Don't miss the annual top ten list of comix for the past year, coming in two weeks.’


Alteration of comics.