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command module

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(also CM)
  • The detachable control portion of a manned spacecraft.

    ‘All three stages of the rocket booster plus the command module and the lunar module on top - had less computing capacity combined than today's typical cell phone.’
    • ‘Only the command module - the very tip of the original Crew Launch Vehicle - will return to Earth beneath a canopy of parachutes.’
    • ‘On April 13, 1970, three days out from Earth, an oxygen tank exploded in the service module of the spacecraft, disabling the Apollo command module.’
    • ‘Unlike those two modules, the command module containing the crew is equipped with a heat shield and took a different flight profile, entering the Earth's atmosphere about 25 minutes before landing.’
    • ‘The three astronauts travelled in the command module, which was docked during flight to both the lunar module and the service module, the latter carrying fuel and supplies.’
    • ‘The orbiter will separate and become a satellite after the command module returns to earth.’
    • ‘The command module containing the crew took a different flight profile to the other modules, entering the Earth's atmosphere three hours after undocking at 23: 44 CEST.’
    • ‘This will be the first spacecraft of its kind since the Apollo command module.’
    • ‘In addition to taking photographs, the orbiting command module also released a small satellite which measured minute differences in the Moon's gravity and magnetic properties.’
    • ‘Apollo traveled to the Moon with the lunar module attached to the command module.’
    • ‘What should have been a routine operation goes terribly awry when the command module and landing module are destroyed by an Unidentified Flying Object.’
    • ‘Mike Collins, the man who was in the command module orbiting as they were on the moon.’
    • ‘At 24,791 MPH the crew of the command module Apollo 10 reached the greatest speed ever traveled by humans.’
    • ‘The command module from the Apollo 10 mission is at the Science Museum in London.’
    • ‘A third U.S. astronaut, Michael Collins, was in the orbiting command module overhead.’
    • ‘During Apollo, one man remained behind in the Moon-orbiting command module.’
    • ‘The command module served as the crew's quarters and flight control section.’
    • ‘When the command module drifted across that point in space, its speed increased once again, and it accelerated toward the Moon.’
    • ‘And the command module that came back to earth is unbelievably tiny, as are lots of the other craft that took astronauts into space in that era.’
    • ‘Michael Collins, as long as we're - I mentioned regaling old tales, this time 35 years ago, you were alone in that command module.’


command module

/kəˈmand ˈmäjo͞ol/ /kəˈmænd ˈmɑdʒul/