Definition of command performance in English:

command performance

Pronunciation /kəˈmand pərˈfôrməns/ /kəˈmænd pərˈfɔrməns/


  • A presentation of a play, concert, opera, or other show at the request of royalty.

    • ‘Known for his jazz musicality, Slyde is a favorite of musicians, and presented a command performance at the White House during the Clinton administration.’
    • ‘A starring role in a command performance of Coppelia for the Netherlands's royal family highlighted his career.’
    • ‘Sophonisba opened at Drury Lane on 28 February 1730 and ran for ten nights, giving the author three benefit performances, one of which was a command performance for the Prince and Princess of Wales that drew a glittering audience.’
    • ‘These workshops will continue throughout the year, culminating with a command performance in December at Creative Arts Centre.’
    • ‘More success followed with a command performance for President Franklin Roosevelt's 1941 inauguration.’
    • ‘Cancellation was impossible: it was a royal command performance, and the special train bearing the notables had already left Copenhagen.’
    • ‘His first US appearance was in 1988 at a command performance for the King and Queen of Sweden.’
    • ‘The Italian-born entertainer even gave a command performance for Adolf Hitler in 1936.’
    • ‘Enojoying a rare command performance by the British No 1’
    • ‘He also did some spying himself, disappearing from a locked cabinet during a royal command performance in Cairo to search King Farouk's palace.’
    • ‘It was a command performance, extending over an hour, and conducted for an audience of two.’
    • ‘He was also invited to perform the first classical organ concert at the White House and has given two royal command performances for the Danish Royal Family.’
    • ‘A true Canadian ambassador of music, Parker has given two command performances for Queen Elizabeth II and has performed for the prime ministers of Japan, and for the United States Supreme Court.’
    • ‘He also entertained numerous heads of state with several command performances for the Royal Family, performed in front of nine American presidents and was known for entertaining troops from the Second World War to the first Gulf War.’
    • ‘Hope has entertained numerous heads of state including command performances for the Royal Family.’
    • ‘The Busybody was a favourite choice for benefits and royal command performances at court to the end of the eighteenth century, and it continued to be staged throughout the nineteenth.’
    • ‘The tour of England and Scotland grew to seven months, followed by engagements in Scandinavia, Belgium and France and a Royal Command Performance for King George and Queen Elizabeth.’
    • ‘Mr Hunt recounted a number of amusing stories, including one about a Royal Command Performance for King George V and Queen Mary.’
    • ‘He has also appeared in a Royal Command Performance in front of Princess Margaret.’


command performance

/kəˈmand pərˈfôrməns/ /kəˈmænd pərˈfɔrməns/