Definition of command post in English:

command post


  • The place from which a unit commander controls a military unit.

    • ‘Every command post in the military must be mobile, survivable, interconnected, and digital.’
    • ‘General Brooks said the hospital apparently was being used as a military command post…’
    • ‘The immediate attack was from the west, moving in the general direction of our command post.’
    • ‘As he awaited first aid near the company command post, the enemy attempted an enveloping movement.’
    • ‘I qualified for a top-secret clearance to enable me to work as a controller at the command post, the nerve center for all military operations.’
    • ‘The Indian government believed that the Temple was being used as a militant command post, a sanctuary for wanted criminals and as a warehouse for weapons, and resolved to take action.’
    • ‘They withdrew westwards to the command post of the 590th Field Artillery where they joined Captain Horn.’
    • ‘Whatever the case, someone in the command post must manage the process.’
    • ‘Ross expended his remaining ammunition in repelling this attack and was ordered to fall back on the company command post.’
    • ‘During the crisis I was ever-present at the central command post for Soviet Air Defense Forces.’
    • ‘A command post was established and the ship set sail from Townsville Port.’
    • ‘The US military said overnight air raids had destroyed a command post, arms caches and rebel positions.’
    • ‘The centre is the command post for British rapid deployment forces, which would play a key role in directing British forces.’
    • ‘It is the army command post situated right inside the port.’
    • ‘Just then, Sticks and Josh, with their units, came up to the command post.’
    • ‘On the day of the referendum I was at the command post, while my guerrilla friends voted.’
    • ‘His orders were to patrol the western ridge and report back to the command post at the base of the mountain.’
    • ‘The young recruit then led Joe to the forward command post.’
    • ‘Although, it did allow the troops to have a forward command post that prevented them from going back and forth from the fortress.’
    • ‘His job was to create the command post for the operation, start assembling troops, get people organised, find out who was missing.’
    fortress, fort, fortification, stronghold, blockhouse, citadel, camp, encampment, cantonment, command post, base, station