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  • 1A divine rule, especially one of the Ten Commandments.

    ‘the Sabbath had to be kept as ordered in the Fourth Commandment’
    • ‘Indeed, this is an indication of the Divine nature of the commandments.’
    • ‘This is a reference to Satan and his accomplices who try to creep up in the skies to overhear divine commandments.’
    • ‘But I find the category of grave external sin against the sixth commandment too broad for the reasons I have stated.’
    • ‘Sins against the first commandment, not the sixth, are still our most frequent failure.’
    • ‘But there is this commandment, the commandment to be holy, which prohibits such behaviors.’
    • ‘If everyone simply lived by the rules of the 10 commandments there would be no problems.’
    • ‘He wanted to enter the Promised Land so that he could fulfill the commandments and thereby have a new opportunity to fulfill the Divine wish.’
    • ‘The commandment to love God is one of the six constant commandments.’
    • ‘As a charismatic healer he attracted a wide following, and inspired people to worship God and keep His commandments in simplicity and with joy.’
    • ‘The Ten Commandments served as an introduction to the other commandments.’
    • ‘We know we have transgressed His laws, broken His commandments, and offended His holiness.’
    • ‘Our part is to keep the commandments of the Scriptures as well as we can, continually praying and asking the Lord's help.’
    • ‘They are so structured that acceptance of the relationship created by the first commandment entails obedience to all the rest.’
    • ‘Therefore we should obey the commandment of the Prophet in order to prosper in the hereafter.’
    • ‘Too many, misunderstanding the nature of faith and presuming upon the grace of God, disregard the commandments of God.’
    • ‘As representative head of the human race, his departure from even one of God's commandments would have serious consequences for all his descendants.’
    • ‘On the contrary, the king should respect God and keep his commandments.’
    • ‘God set out commandments to protect the people he loved, who were vulnerable due to their turbulent times and divided nature.’
    • ‘The commandment to respect God's name refers specifically to the ten Hebrew names by which God is designated in the Bible.’
    • ‘We see in the first commandment that we are not free to worship other gods.’
    order, edict, command, commandment, mandate, proclamation, dictum, fiat, promulgation, precept
    1. 1.1 humorous A rule to be observed as strictly as one of the Ten Commandments.
      ‘she had followed her mother's commandments for long enough’
      • ‘It was her husband who had instructed her concerning the commandment.’
      • ‘know my youngest son, who yearns to join corporate America as a stock analyst, wants to live up to his Dad's commandment to do good things and make money without selling your soul.’
      • ‘The Men Commandments: Three dozen universal rules and regulations for guys (minus the beer).’
      order, instruction, directive, direction, commandment, injunction, demand, stipulation, requirement, exhortation, bidding, request



/kəˈman(d)m(ə)nt/ /kəˈmæn(d)m(ə)nt/


Middle English from Old French comandement, from comander ‘to command’ (see command).