Definition of comminution in English:



  • The action of reducing a material, an ore, to minute particles or fragments.

    ‘new comminution processes’
    • ‘Surgical intervention is recommended for fractures that have large fragments, significant displacement, or comminution.’
    • ‘Preliminary treatment includes such operations as flow equalization, screening, comminution, grease removal, flow measurement, and grit removal.’
    • ‘It is likely that this is a result of their being much more resistant to abrasion and comminution in moderately coarse-grained, higher-energy environments.’
    • ‘While chipping at the landing is still the principal means of comminution, bundling is growing rapidly and could easily overtake roadside chipping within a few years.’
    • ‘The majority of magnesium powder is produced by mechanical comminution, typically with a milling cutter.’



/ˌkäməˈno͞oSHən/ /ˌkɑməˈnuʃən/