Definition of commitment ceremony in English:

commitment ceremony


  • A ceremony to mark the spousal union of two people who are not legally allowed to marry, such as gay people.

    ‘We had a commitment ceremony at our church in 2002; we got married in Vancouver, B.C., in 2003; and we were wed in Oregon in 2004 when they were briefly issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.’
    • ‘‘We've just done a lovely cake for a lesbian couple who are getting married this weekend at a commitment ceremony.’’
    • ‘Under the current law taxi drivers have to accept passengers, whether they are going to a civil union ceremony, to a marriage ceremony, or even just to a normal commitment ceremony without any legal ties.’
    • ‘They had a commitment ceremony but have no plans to marry until it's legal where they live.’
    • ‘On October 13 the couple celebrate their 10-year anniversary with a commitment ceremony in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘Quite possibly they'll just have a commitment ceremony and exchange rings - but they, like me, aren't big believers in the need to make a relationship ‘official’, so they're happy just to be boyfriends for now.’
    • ‘He told me the main reason that he and his partner hadn't had any sort of commitment ceremony was because he ‘wanted it to mean something more’ than just a personal promise he'd been making every day for the last 6 years.’
    • ‘Mr Meriano said: ‘We never had the time to have a commitment ceremony.’’
    • ‘You've never thought about a commitment ceremony or even a legal marriage?’
    • ‘Just before his mission ended, and with the assistance of his missionary companion, Kent and I held a private commitment ceremony in Memphis.’
    • ‘‘Anybody who's in love and wants to create a commitment ceremony to honor their relationship, we support that,’ says owner Chanti Mullen.’
    • ‘We're planning our commitment ceremony for May 1, 2006.’
    • ‘They even had a commitment ceremony at the end of the 1997-1998 season.’
    • ‘She and her bride, Carina, picked the small artist's colony of Todos Santos for their commitment ceremony.’
    • ‘More seriously, they want the same rights as heterosexual mates, and they're uninterested in having any sort of commitment ceremony until then.’
    • ‘In between performances, the couple squeezed in time last year for one very important gig in Vermont: their own commitment ceremony.’
    • ‘We were joined in a commitment ceremony in Provincetown, Mass.’
    • ‘Three years later they held a commitment ceremony so that their friends and family could join them in celebrating their love for one another.’
    • ‘I can hold a private commitment ceremony without any fear of arrest, but of course what I won't have is a marriage license.’
    • ‘I am currently in the process of planning my commitment ceremony.’