Definition of commitment order in English:

commitment order


  • An order authorizing the admission and detention of a patient in a psychiatric hospital.

    ‘At a meeting of the planning committee this week, members voted whether to take out a commitment order.’
    • ‘Specifically, we must determine whether the district court's commitment order is immediately appealable.’
    • ‘The jurisdiction regarding appeals of involuntary commitment orders is stated in section 3864.’
    • ‘We order that the case be remanded to correct the clerical error in the judgment and commitment orders.’
    • ‘If a judge has decided that you must take medication, you have to take it until your 90-day commitment order has ended.’
    • ‘At the end of the initial inpatient commitment period a rehearing can be held, and a second commitment order issued for an additional period of no more than 180 days.’
    • ‘Without a complete record that contains the judgment and commitment orders for all of appellant's prior convictions, we cannot address appellant's arguments.’
    • ‘Although the chronology of court dates, adjournments, transfers, and orders is confusing, after a review of the record, we conclude that the commitment order satisfies the statutory criteria.’
    • ‘In other words, if the error was not significant enough to change the final decision to have you committed, the commitment order will not be overturned.’
    • ‘Therefore, at least in theory, it is neither easier nor more difficult to get an outpatient commitment order than an order for inpatient commitment.’
    • ‘It is plain then, that the releases were contrary to the terms of the commitment orders.’


commitment order

/rəˈsepSHən ˌôrdər/ /rəˈsɛpʃən ˌɔrdər/ /rēˈsepSHən ˌôrdər/ /riˈsɛpʃən ˌɔrdər/