Definition of common denominator in English:

common denominator


  • 1Mathematics
    A shared multiple of the denominators of several fractions.

    ‘Others would rewrite the fractions using common denominators.’
    • ‘In particular he sees the reduction of fractions to a common denominator as hard.’
    • ‘In order to add these fractions, we need to find the common denominator.’
    • ‘So how do you find a common denominator? Easy - simply multiply both denominators together.’
    • ‘Now we must change each fraction into the terms of the common denominator.’
    1. 1.1A feature shared by all members of a group.
      ‘the common denominator for the fevers was the bite of a tick’
      • ‘The only common denominator between its members is that they are the most industrially developed countries in the world.’
      • ‘Little did you know, each of those three experiences shares a common denominator.’
      • ‘The one thing they wanted me to figure out was what was the common denominator with all my readers.’
      • ‘‘The common denominators in the outbreaks of hospital-acquired infections are understaffing and overcrowding, year in and year out,’ he said.’
      • ‘The common denominators among them were race and religion.’


common denominator

/ˈkämən dəˈnäməˌnādər/ /ˈkɑmən dəˈnɑməˌneɪdər/ /dēˈnäməˌnādər/ /diˈnɑməˌneɪdər/