Definition of common knowledge in English:

common knowledge

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  • Something known by most people.

    ‘it's common knowledge that no one has yet found a cure for cancer’
    • ‘This is hardly a revelation - his name is on the House of Commons website and his job common knowledge.’
    • ‘It's not the place of this blog to reveal aspects about the lives of current, former or old friends that they may not wish to be common knowledge.’
    • ‘When she was given bail, her family expressed concern that if her bail address became common knowledge she could be attacked.’
    • ‘This would create the impression that the lie was in fact common knowledge across the state.’
    • ‘These facts are common knowledge among Canadians from coast to coast to coast.’
    • ‘He was adopted by his uncle and that's about the extent of his personal life that is common knowledge.’
    • ‘Contrary to common knowledge Bruce is actually a very nice and accommodating rock star!’
    • ‘Broccoli and almonds are chock full of calcium, but this does not seem to be common knowledge.’
    • ‘It was common knowledge among the staff that Emma had an insane crush on Ben.’
    • ‘Shortly after the incident became common knowledge at the program, she ran away.’