Definition of common logarithm in English:

common logarithm


  • A logarithm to the base 10.

    ‘It is relatively easy to convert common logarithms to natural logarithms or vice versa, if necessary.’
    • ‘The first table of common logarithms was compiled by the English mathematician Henry Briggs.’
    • ‘The notation is used by physicists, engineers, and calculator keypads to denote the common logarithm.’
    • ‘Logarithms with base ‘e’ are called common logarithms and it is written as y = ln x.’
    • ‘When dealing with common logarithms, the expression log 10 is usually simplified to log.’
    • ‘For a project I need some Math functions, especially the exponential function and the common logarithm.’
    • ‘But while common logarithms are the basis of the slide rule, natural logarithms will turn up when we examine more advanced scales.’
    • ‘I suspect that this is because, before the advent of electronic calculators, people used tables of common logarithms to carry out calculations involving many multiplications and divisions.’


common logarithm

/ˈkämən ˈlôɡəˌriT͟Həm/ /ˈkɑmən ˈlɔɡəˌrɪðəm/ /ˈläɡəˌriT͟Həm/ /ˈlɑɡəˌrɪðəm/