Definition of common or garden in English:

common or garden


informal British
  • Of the usual or ordinary type.

    • ‘a yak is your basic common or garden cow, only bigger, hairier, and wilder’
    • ‘Simply take one common or garden, household bucket - clean.’
    • ‘I mean, are these common or garden mildly psychotic impulses, or are they going to progress?’
    • ‘If you feel that the red varieties are a bit common or garden, choose Peach Melba, which has bright yellow flowers blotched with red.’
    • ‘Let's start with the common or garden variety of discrimination that happens in our school and workplaces, even on our sporting fields - bullying.’
    • ‘Can you not be trusted to make these decisions that everyday, common or garden human beings make?’
    • ‘My wife asked for cheese and biscuits for £3.85, and this wasn't your common or garden cheddar or Brie.’
    • ‘As has been uttered a thousand times it is not your common or garden Scottish golf course.’
    • ‘However for the majority of mobile phone users, the common or garden variety of telephone handset that is available from any good electrical retailer will do just as well.’
    • ‘The owner, Ian Schrager, describes the hotel as a ‘boutique’ in order to delineate his establishment from the other common or garden luxury hotels.’
    • ‘Thinking he had common or garden flu, his family dosed him with aspirin and tucked him up in bed.’
    ordinary, run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-road, mainstream, unremarkable, unexceptional, undistinguished, uninspired, unexciting, unmemorable, forgettable, indifferent, average, so-so, mediocre, pedestrian, prosaic, lacklustre, dull, bland, uninteresting, mundane, everyday, quotidian, humdrum, hackneyed, trite, banal, clichéd, predictable, overused, overdone, overworked, stale, worn out, time-worn, tired, unoriginal, derivative