Definition of community bank in English:

community bank


  • A commercial bank that derives funds from and lends to the community where it operates, and is not affiliated with a multibank holding company.

    ‘Despite all the doubts from many in the banking industry, Fleet has proved it can operate a community bank profitably, while delivering high-quality service to those who need it most.’
    • ‘In essence, the way we operate is much like a community bank and yet, we gain some of the advantages of a larger company.’
    • ‘The bank's president explains that a community bank can ‘look beyond the numbers alone and focus on other issues that are actually very important.’’
    • ‘So Bell-Taylor applied for and was granted a $90,000 loan from a community bank to cover these expenditures.’
    • ‘And during the course of our research, residents successfully set up a local community bank following the withdrawal of all commercial banking services from town.’
    • ‘The bank is an independent community bank, which offers a wide variety of financial services and products to customers throughout the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area.’
    • ‘Locals have rallied behind the push to start a community bank on the Balmain peninsula with almost 30 people registering their interest so far.’
    • ‘Its biggest success has been the opening of a community bank.’
    • ‘Looking to the future, Mr Buckley said that the bank has positioned itself as a 21st Century community bank.’
    • ‘The majority of these respondents now banked with a non-bank financial institution or a community bank.’
    • ‘Local residents fed up with poor service from major banks have formed an alliance to bring a community bank to the peninsula.’
    • ‘Another source of low-interest cards are small community banks that do not issue their cards through national banks.’
    • ‘Credit unions are community banks that are run by and managed by their members to provide a safe and easily accessible place for savings.’