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community center

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  • A place where people from a particular community can meet for social, educational, or recreational activities.

    ‘It has its own general stores, and there is a community centre where residents can meet up.’
    • ‘They meet regularly in the community centre and new members are invited to attend.’
    • ‘I picked her up a few hours later; home to change clothes, then off to gymnastics class at the local community center.’
    • ‘She described the community centre and the services provided from it as first class.’
    • ‘A community centre has launched new crèche facilities at its premises.’
    • ‘The venue is the community centre and regular members and new members are more than welcome.’
    • ‘When he was 14, he began to hang out at the local community centre's music workshop.’
    • ‘The new building will act as a community centre, providing facilities for different groups.’
    • ‘I've been invited to take a nightclass at the local community centre next February.’
    • ‘The services provided at the community centre are an important need for the area.’
    • ‘High among them is the setting up of a similar community centre with a crèche for all two- to five-year-olds.’
    • ‘There are art classes for children taking place each Thursday in the community centre.’
    • ‘Please support your local community centre by coming along for a social evening.’
    • ‘Up to now the classes have been held in the community centre's main sports hall.’
    • ‘I had just taken a class in first aid down at the community center.’
    • ‘The group then retired to the community centre where light refreshments were served.’
    • ‘This election is run by a committee engaged in fund-raising for a community centre.’
    • ‘Indoor football resumes this Thursday night in the community centre at the usual time.’
    • ‘Light refreshments will be served in the local community centre following the walk.’
    • ‘She said they hoped for fuller use of the community centre and would like to see someone in the building permanently.’


community center

/kəˈmyo͞onədē ˈsen(t)ər/ /kəˈmjunədi ˈsɛn(t)ər/