Definition of community-minded in English:



  • Interested in helping the wider community; socially concerned.

    ‘community-minded businesses’
    • ‘residents need to be community-minded and look out for each other’
    • ‘Ms Wood said she was honoured to be part of such a community-minded project.’
    • ‘The study found teenagers who were already community-minded were unaffected by the new mandate.’
    • ‘They're robbing the system of some very community-minded people who want to contribute by providing blood.’
    • ‘The group wants to hear from any community-minded businesses or individuals willing to sponsor the production costs.’
    • ‘Two community-minded people have earned the Maldon Mayor's Award for Service to the Community.’
    • ‘This means community-minded people have to start thinking about municipal politics now.’
    • ‘Tokyo needs more community-minded business people like this.’
    • ‘People here are very, very friendly and everyone is very community-minded.’
    • ‘We are lucky because we have really community-minded parents helping us out.’
    • ‘He's incredibly community-minded - a philanthropist.’
    • ‘Community-minded youngsters will be get the chance to tell the council how to improve at a special youth conference this week.’
    • ‘It's an image that epitomizes everything good about the area and the community-minded people that inhabit it.’
    • ‘PC Walker said: "Residents need to be community-minded and look out for each other".’
    • ‘Most councillors are community-minded and give a great deal of volunteer hours.’
    • ‘While the Blue Jays will begin 2005 without their on-field leader, they'll also be missing one of Toronto's most popular and community-minded sports superstars.’
    • ‘It was the city's network of ethnic, community-minded radio that helped rescue workers and concerned locals navigate the disaster areas.’
    • ‘Bradford firms are among the most community-minded in the country.’
    • ‘Traditional societies are noted for their parochialism and poverty, but they are also characteristically more community-minded and more giving to strangers.’
    • ‘The 1950s were slower, friendlier and more community-minded, and there was less crime and greater innocence.’
    • ‘Unless more community-minded entrepreneurs like Mr Belt are willing to take on post office duties, this situation will worsen.’
    community-minded, socially concerned, philanthropic, charitable, helpful to others