Definition of community policing in English:

community policing

Pronunciation /kəmjuːnətipəˈliːsɪŋ/

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  • The system of allocating police officers to particular areas so that they become familiar with the local inhabitants.

    ‘the reintroduction of community policing’
    • ‘When the military was separated from the police in that year, many of the roles of military intelligence and community policing were given to police personnel.’
    • ‘They also discussed the police image and community policing in the city.’
    • ‘More community policing, increased patrols of trouble hot spots and more police visibility would help prevent the problem according to the councillor.’
    • ‘South Lakeland is one of the safest places in the UK and is getting safer thanks to a new style of community policing being pioneered in the area, according to the police.’
    • ‘Because community policing entailed hiring new patrol cops, more crimes got solved and more criminals got put away.’
    • ‘In essence, the debate is about the extent to which community policing is in the control of the communities being policed, and whether it remains in the grip of central government.’
    • ‘All three officers were in Swindon to find out more about the town's community policing and the town's Police Community Support Officers.’
    • ‘Sedbergh can expect 24-hour policing on the doorstep within a year due to more bobbies joining the force and improvements to community policing.’
    • ‘The former mayor is calling on a senior police officer to honour an apparent pledge she made to boost community policing in the town.’
    • ‘Mr Johnson also plans to help fight crime: ‘I want more community policing and a visible presence,’ he said.’
    • ‘First, a pressing general question is whether community policing compared to more traditional policing methods makes any difference at all.’
    • ‘This is testament to community policing and how if people are prepared to stand up in situations like this, justice can be done.’
    • ‘With the introduction of community policing a few years ago, crime has decreased substantially and a more trusting relationship has been built with the local police.’
    • ‘Police in many areas, including Trowbridge, are now practising a return to old style community policing to encourage a greater partnership in tackling crimes such as burglary.’
    • ‘Trust has to be earned and the way to do this is for the police nationally to place as their number one emphasis the notion of proper community policing even if this means taking time out to check up on vulnerable people if they wish.’
    • ‘But I have not come across any problems and there has been a big improvement in community policing.’
    • ‘He had been to the North three times before joining the Commission, to talk about community policing and about domestic violence.’
    • ‘That issue is of great importance to Christchurch, where community policing is actually being cut back because of the lack of resources.’
    • ‘They are a useful tool alongside community policing, acceptable behaviour contracts and providing decent facilities for young people.’
    • ‘‘My main objective is to build on the very strong base of community policing already here,’ she said.’