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community service

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  • 1Voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area.

    ‘opportunities to engage in community service’
    • ‘she received a community service award’
    • ‘Dozens of people I know are involved in voluntary community service in one way or another, and seek no reward, nor even expenses.’
    • ‘The community service award is for people or organisations who have helped to improve the quality of life for people in this town.’
    • ‘Many are people nominated for their work in education, health, local sport and the area of community service.’
    • ‘Thanks to all who have contributed to this voluntary community service.’
    • ‘He accomplished that goal and used the unity to spawn success in the area of community service.’
    • ‘Roy's tireless work is recognized this year by an award for community service.’
    • ‘Her community service includes volunteering as a tutor.’
    • ‘The orchestra has received the Prince of Wales Trophy for community service for its continued work with youth in the area.’
    • ‘He was remembered for both his medical skills and his community service.’
    • ‘How mean can you get, when 43 volunteers freely give their own time to this very valuable community service.’
    • ‘The program will recognize those clubs that reach out to the public through community service.’
    • ‘Once again, we congratulate our award winners for their outstanding contributions to community service.’
    • ‘He has a fantastic CV, including all kinds of community service and professional accomplishment.’
    • ‘All school-leavers will be required to have achieved basic maths, English and IT and to have done community service.’
    • ‘Winners were selected from the fields of sport, arts and entertainment, and community service.’
    • ‘She also mentioned the church's community service during the war.’
    • ‘All employees are required to do community service, says Robertson.’
    • ‘Fortunately I didn't go to jail, I did receive a sentence of community service hours.’
    1. 1.1English Law Unpaid work, intended to be of social use, that an offender is required to do instead of going to prison.
      ‘sentenced to 600 hours of community service’
      • ‘She was ordered to do community service for 100 hours and to pay £250 costs.’
      • ‘Offenders on community service orders should be brought in to assist the clean-up.’
      • ‘He's been sentenced to 120 hours of community service and been ordered to pay court costs.’
      • ‘She may refuse to pay the fine and do community service instead.’
      • ‘He burgled residential care homes just days after he was given community service for shoplifting.’


community service

/kəˈmyo͞onədē ˈsərvəs/ /kəˈmjunədi ˈsərvəs/