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  • 1(of a place or journey) allowing regular commuting to and from work.

    ‘commutable country homes’
    • ‘The two areas are similar because they each constitute a local labour market and they each cover an area commutable by car.’
    • ‘A 34-mile drive up the A68 road to Edinburgh does make this commutable.’
    • ‘It's also really commutable - it's so easy to get back to London.’
    • ‘With Glasgow and Edinburgh easily commutable and located in such outstanding scenery, the attractions are easy to see.’
    • ‘It is not easily commutable to London, which is 1hr 50 min from the railway station.’
    • ‘We hope they will all come to work in Swindon, which is commutable.’
    • ‘The fact that the new motorway now stretches for 72 kilometres from Dublin to Dundalk has made the town much more commutable, especially for those working at Dublin airport.’
  • 2 rare Capable of being exchanged or converted.

    ‘A has the same eigenvectors with a commutable matrix A’
    • ‘It was hoped that such a specimen, closely resembling that obtained from newborns, would be commutable to all methods for measuring total bilirubin and be suitable for testing their accuracy.’



/kəˈmyo͞odəb(ə)l/ /kəˈmjudəb(ə)l/