Definition of commutation ticket in English:

commutation ticket

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  • A ticket issued at a reduced rate by a railroad or bus company, entitling the holder to travel a given route a fixed number of times or during a specified period.

    ‘Join our Mail & Ride program to receive your monthly commutation ticket automatically by mail.’
    • ‘Ten trip commutation ticket and monthly Saver Fare passes will also be available to Jersey City.’
    • ‘If your homebound journey is covered by your updated commutation ticket you are requested to use your pass.’
    • ‘Only monthly and quarterly commutation tickets with respective ID card and commutation ticket are valid.’
    • ‘The adult commutation tickets are only available on buses where the number is under 600.’
    • ‘Fares and on-train penalties paid in the absence of two-trip or commutation tickets will not be credited or refunded.’
    • ‘In like manner the commuter has his commutation ticket punched at the entering station and vised by the ticket chopper at the leaving station.’
    • ‘Credits/refunds of commutation tickets are based on the value of the used tickets calculated using the cost of one-way tickets, and are not made on a monthly pro-rata basis.’
    • ‘You may be interested in a commutation ticket available from the driver’
    • ‘Applications for student commutation tickets, obtainable at some railroad offices, should be submitted to the Records Office for authorization.’


Mid 19th century from commutation + ticket (because the daily fare is ‘commuted’ to a single payment). See also commute.