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  • 1An attachment, connected to the armature of a motor or generator, through which electrical connection is made and which ensures that the current flows as direct current.

    ‘It may also increase efficiency of machines as there won't be frictional effects of brushes, commutators, etc, on the motor itself.’
    • ‘He went on to build an electric motor in 1832 and invented the commutator, an integral part of most modern electric motors.’
    • ‘One of the places you need them is in modern small motors which don't have a commutator.’
    • ‘You can see that the commutator is simply a pair of plates attached to the axle.’
    • ‘The brushes conduct electricity to the commutator.’
    1. 1.1A device for reversing the direction of flow of electric current.
      ‘The commutator must switch current to the correct drive magnets in the correct direction at the correct time in order to produce desired rotor movement.’
      • ‘Note how the commutator reverses the current each time the coil turns halfway.’



/ˈkämyəˌtādər/ /ˈkɑmjəˌteɪdər/