Definition of commuter belt in English:

commuter belt


  • The area surrounding a city from which a large number of people travel to work each day.

    ‘the London commuter belt’
    • ‘That's what is happening in both Edinburgh and Dublin, as skyrocketing property prices stretch the commuter belt into surrounding counties.’
    • ‘Although the towns were designed to be self-sufficient, in most cases they merely widened the commuter belt into the cities, increasing road traffic and pollution.’
    • ‘The housing provided by developers will be affordable in name only and will more than likely be located in the commuter belt or on the outskirts of cities such as Dublin.’
    • ‘Angry residents who claim their village is being turned into a commuter belt are fighting plans for more houses in the area.’
    • ‘But this really only applies in the London commuter belt, because it is not practical to travel to and from home in York for example.’
    • ‘In a bid to curb the unsustainable growth of the capital and its commuter belt, housing is to be severely restricted outside of special development areas which are linked to public transport and infrastructure.’
    • ‘He's moving out to the commuter belt around the Western Distributor Road, where rent is cheaper though quality of life is pretty much non-existent.’
    • ‘The town would be considered as a definite part of the commuter belt and knock-on effects would change the area forever.’
    • ‘Helen hears how the people who have lived their all of their lives have been affected by the huge influx of people and cars that the motorway has brought to what was once a very rural area, but has since become part of the London commuter belt.’
    • ‘Road improvements have placed Gorey firmly in the commuter belt.’
    • ‘This is part of the London commuter belt, and the station is among the busiest in the South-East.’
    • ‘At the same time, the commuter belt incorporates towns that are well established in their own right.’
    • ‘Some of the jobs will locate within the Dublin commuter belt, meaning people will merely change their commuting patterns, not their residences.’
    • ‘The school's need for space grew in the past decade as the villages became part of the commuter belt.’
    • ‘Proximity to rail links has gone hand in hand with the widening commuter belt and added value to properties in these areas.’
    • ‘Most moved to counties surrounding the capital, a trend which reflects the widening of the commuter belt.’
    • ‘However, with Edinburgh less than 30 miles away along the A1 or 20 minutes by train, the town is very much in the capital's commuter belt, which seems to be extending ever further.’
    • ‘At the time I lived in a pleasant town in London's commuter belt, with easy access to the countryside.’
    • ‘Newbury is a prosperous white-collar industrial town in London's commuter belt.’
    • ‘Although it is 54 miles from Dublin, Gorey is now at the southern-most edge of the capital's commuter belt, with the opening of the Arklow bypass making commuting into the city centre more feasible.’
    outlying district, residential area, dormitory area, dormitory town, commuter belt, conurbation


commuter belt

/kəˈmyo͞odər belt/ /kəˈmjudər bɛlt/