Definition of comorbidity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkōmôrˈbidədē/ /ˌkoʊmɔrˈbɪdədi/


  • 1Medicine
    The simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions in a patient.

    ‘age and comorbidity may be risk factors for poor outcome’
    • ‘comorbidity rates’
    • ‘Patients with multiple comorbidities, especially respiratory disease and malignancy, before surgery for hip fracture are at higher risk of mortality’
    • ‘The lower initial dose should be administered to patients who are frail or have other comorbidities, particularly cardiovascular disease.’
    • ‘Illicit drug use and medical comorbidities place patients at increased risk of heat-related illness.’
    • ‘This strategy should be offered only to patients with uncomplicated hypertension that is, no cardiovascular disease or comorbidity for which the treatment is also needed.’
    • ‘The most common comorbidities were coronary artery disease, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes.’
    • ‘Patients hurt, but they may be unable to distinguish if their pain is surgically induced or chronic from comorbidities.’
    • ‘Tertiary hospitals eventually will become major centers caring for the medical needs of patients with multiple comorbidities.’
    • ‘These geriatric patients often have multiple comorbidities, as well as a high risk for post-operative complications.’
    • ‘Many patients with chronic lung disease have one or more comorbidities that limit their ability to participate in or benefit from rehabilitation.’
    • ‘The value of walking ability as an outcome to evaluate the efficacy of surgery is limited by the extent of comorbidities in elderly patients.’
    • ‘Also, these medications often are poorly tolerated in elderly patients who have multiple comorbidities.’
    • ‘In addition to weight loss, improved patient outcomes include the resolution and/or improvement of the patient's comorbidities.’
    • ‘Hospitalization is required for patients with serious comorbidities and/or limited capacity for home care.’
    • ‘These patients often have comorbidities and are taking other treatments, so drug interactions must be avoided.’
    • ‘The effectiveness of therapy is likely to depend on the specific problem and on the presence of comorbidities and other contributory factors.’
    • ‘Similarly, many of those patients will have had comorbidities.’
    1. 1.1A disease or medical condition that is simultaneously present with another or others in a patient.
      • ‘patients with cardiovascular or renal comorbidities’


1970s from co- + morbidity.