Definition of compact car in English:

compact car


North American
  • A medium-sized car.

    ‘Just as automotive companies must respond to the latest customer vehicle trends - from compact cars to full-sized SUVs - they also must also listen to consumer desires for the engines and transmissions that power these vehicles.’
    • ‘The same year, General Motors opened its fourth plant in China, a $108 million facility to double production of Buick sedans and compact cars.’
    • ‘The Ford Aspire is an entry-level compact car that was sold by the Ford Motor Company from the United States starting from 1994 and ending during the year 1997.’
    • ‘Car rental agencies usually have better deals on compact cars.’
    • ‘According to Dunlop research, auto enthusiasts buy up to 10 percent of U.S. replacement tires - 22.5 million tires - to upgrade sport compact cars.’
    • ‘Low-tech rear drum brakes have been standard for even high-level compact cars like the Civic and Corolla, but the Spectra fits solid discs in the rear combined with vented discs in the front.’
    • ‘Withdrawing from heavier trucks and compact cars after 1995 cost 2.0 points while an increase in imported European models contributed one point.’
    • ‘Designed in a new sleek profile, these custom parts' subtle styling complements many of today's popular compact cars.’
    • ‘Technology also continues to spread to compact cars in Europe.’
    • ‘But Americans never developed a taste for compact cars and never will.’
    • ‘Then you could wedge those big cubic inches into mid-size, even compact cars.’
    • ‘It will have all the luxury and utility of the standard Lexus CUV, with two important differences: It will have the fuel economy of a compact car, yet it will accelerate faster.’
    • ‘Oh, and it weighs about 265 lb., can fit under the hood of a compact car, and the combustion technology is adaptable to most any piston or rotary engine architecture.’
    • ‘The Astra Diesel Hybrid demonstrates how hybrid components can be integrated into a compact car without compromising passenger comfort and the vehicle's utility.’
    • ‘Officials will not give specific figures but say fuel economy will be equivalent to that of a compact car, and the hybrid will produce fewer emissions than a standard SUV.’
    • ‘A compact car to us, Europeans would consider this mid-range.’
    • ‘In the December, 2002 issue page 38, the article refers to the 2003 Peugeot as a compact car.’
    • ‘The desired result was a compact car offering performance and drive-ability.’
    • ‘A compact car such as the Honda Civic two-door that scores five stars in the side-impact test offers better protection than a bigger car that scores fewer stars.’
    • ‘Another prediction: high chroma paints (those with great color intensity) will put more punch in reds and light blues, especially on compact cars and sports cars.’


compact car

/kəmˈpakt/ /kəmˈpækt/ /ˈkämˌpakt kär/ /ˈkɑmˌpækt kɑr/