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‘There is also an interview from 1999 at the back of the book and notes for each of the sixteen selections, all compactly presented in a 472-page book.’
  • ‘Again, plenty of flavour, and presented very attractively - compactly and neatly in the centre of a huge plate, looking rather like the food page in an upmarket Sunday supplement.’
  • ‘He says what's needed is ‘effective density,’ where people live compactly in relative proximity to the places where they work.’
  • ‘I've never seen the disconnect expressed so compactly or elegantly - it may not be right, but at least it gives you something to work from.’
  • ‘The compactly written novel is a poetic story that is as horrifying as it is beautiful.’



/kəmˈpak(t)lē/ /kəmˈpæk(t)li/ /ˈkämˌpak(t)lē/ /ˈkɑmˌpæk(t)li/