Definition of compand in English:


Pronunciation /kəmˈpand/ /kəmˈpænd/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Reduce the signal-to-noise ratio of (a signal) using a compander.

    ‘the largest sample in the block then determines the amount by which the block will be companded’
    • ‘The patch diagrammed in Figure 9.8 shows one very useful application of companding, called a noise gate.’
    • ‘The Compander software compander compands without changing the pitch or natural warmth of the audio.’
    • ‘E.D.R. compands the audio program for better signal to noise ratios and improved dynamic range.’
    • ‘It compands the irritation due to the high EO content.’
    • ‘Disclosed is a method and apparatus for time companding a digital voice signal wherein, single bits are periodically removed from the digital voice signal, which is then compressed thereby forming a contiguous area of removed bits.’


1950s (as companded adjective): back-formation from compander.