Definition of companion animal in English:

companion animal

Pronunciation /kəmˈpanyən ˈanəməl/ /kəmˈpænjən ˈænəməl/


  • A pet or other domestic animal.

    ‘As lame as it seems to admit it, I couldn't feel empathy for performers who put enough care into a joke about burning down a stranger's house to include the killing of a companion animal.’
    • ‘A judge will be able to sentence an abuser to as many as five years in prison, as well as to a $10,000 fine and to prohibit an abuser from ever again adopting a companion animal.’
    • ‘If you are considering obtaining a companion animal this year, for yourself or someone else, don't forget the shelters.’
    • ‘Many experiences prove that a companion animal belonging to a classroom or a primary school creates strong bonds among members of the class.’
    • ‘Robbie has been neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped and would make a wonderful companion animal as he is so loving and friendly.’
    • ‘However, it made me feel guilty about not spending quality time with my companion animal.’
    • ‘Tess is good on the lead and we believe she would make an ideal companion animal as she is friendly, small and has had some training.’
    • ‘Failing this, the Home is looking for a mature family to adopt Jodie as we feel she would make an ideal companion animal.’
    • ‘Therefore, if a companion animal can function to enhance the parasympathetic nervous system response, interacting with a companion animal may produce desirable effects of decreased heart rate and blood pressure.’
    • ‘Who will be responsible for the companion animal's primary care (daily feeding, fresh water, exercise, etc.)?’
    • ‘I want a sweetheart, friends and a companion animal.’
    • ‘Rabbits are probably even better than cats as pets, being more easily socialised than the aloof felines, making for a loving companion animal.’
    • ‘Is your companion animal really not worth that extra 20 cents a can?’
    • ‘We made them what they are through millennia of selective breeding until they became the perfect companion animal - loyal, loving, devoted.’
    • ‘They also have a companion animal, in this case a bird, that stays on the back of them and eats small insects that inhabit the rhino's leathery hide.’
    • ‘I was having a think about stress management last night, and found myself reflecting that what I could really do with right now is a companion animal.’
    • ‘Anyone who has had a companion animal or stared into the eyes of a horse or cow in a petting zoo knows - deep down - that animals have souls just like humans do.’
    • ‘Police speculate that the animal may have escaped from some property where the owner kept it as a companion animal.’
    • ‘The average life span for a Greyhound raised as a companion animal is 13 years.’
    • ‘And, at the very least, anyone who must give up a companion animal should be responsible about finding a good home for the pet.’