Definition of companion planting in English:

companion planting


  • The close planting of different plants that enhance each other's growth or protect each other from pests.

    ‘Many gardeners swear by companion planting - pairing two plants in a garden for mutual benefit or at least the advantage of one.’
    • ‘Tips on predicting the weather (keep an eye on your azaleas), sowing seeds in sync with the phases of the moon, companion planting, and dealing with pests are all included.’
    • ‘I learned companion planting isn't just for plants, it works even better for humans.’
    • ‘Frankly, I am not a great fan of companion planting.’
    • ‘And don't forget companion planting with herbs is a great way to protect not only tomatoes, but all your other edible plants from marauding pests.’
    • ‘In this case, that would mean taking someone who knows how to cut grass and spray weeds and upgrading their skills by teaching them about organic soil amendments and companion planting.’
    • ‘The Native American practice of growing the three sisters together is one of the first recorded cases of what is now called companion planting or ‘intercropping.’’
    • ‘I get to experiment with companion planting and perhaps prove that this place can grow a remarkable amount of food in a little area.’
    • ‘Permaculture, in a nutshell, is a way of building up soil in a no-dig system, using companion planting.’
    • ‘Corn ashore grew high and healthy, and the tool lenders noted with pleasure, when they hiked down for a visit, that the companion planting which went along with that tall vegetable wasn't only pumpkins.’


companion planting

/kəmˈpanyən ˈplan(t)iNG/ /kəmˈpænjən ˈplæn(t)ɪŋ/