Definition of company officer in English:

company officer


  • An army officer serving within an infantry company.

    ‘My company officer at the Naval Academy when I was young midshipman was a submariner.’
    • ‘The submission is that a company officer is not guilty of fraudulent application under section 173 if the application is in accordance with the unanimous consent and the intention of the members.’
    • ‘Although some Americans managed to cross the river they could not stay there, and over half the attacking riflemen and company officers were killed or wounded.’
    • ‘He had an uneasy relationship with his company officers but worked his way through these times.’
    • ‘Many of its company officers (captains and lieutenants) were graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where they received training and education in weaponry and engineering.’
    • ‘According to an anonymous Naval Academy source, the ritual has been practiced by some but not all companies over the years, although in the past two years a few company officers have discouraged it.’


company officer

/ˈkəmp(ə)nē ˌôfəsər/ /ˈkəmp(ə)ni ˌɔfəsər/ /ˈäfəsər/ /ˈɑfəsər/