Definition of compare notes in English:

compare notes


  • (of two or more people) exchange ideas, opinions, or information about a particular subject.

    ‘we compared notes on the best games’
    • ‘They've been exchanging opinions and comparing notes since the early 1980s.’
    • ‘This offers an outstanding way to ‘cross-pollinate’ information by comparing notes in an environment that would force analysts to stand behind their work.’
    • ‘I laughed and changed the subject, comparing notes on gifts we had bought for family and mutual friends.’
    • ‘In the course of casual conversation, they compare notes, share information, and swap impressions about business conditions.’
    • ‘He has no teammate to compare notes and ideas with.’
    • ‘The coaches do not waste their time here either: they compare notes and exchange experiences.’
    • ‘The exchange has allowed them to compare notes and learn from each other.’
    • ‘Recently I've been thinking a good bit about relationships, and comparing notes with friends on the subject.’
    • ‘Subject matter experts from each nation paired off to compare notes in areas such as maintenance, fire prevention and weapons storage.’
    • ‘Meet, greet, pump for information and meet outside to compare notes.’