Definition of compensation pendulum in English:

compensation pendulum


  • A pendulum constructed from metals with differing coefficients of expansion in order to neutralize the effects of temperature variation.

    ‘According to one embodiment of the invention, it is suggested that the pendulum unit with pendulum mass and compensation pendulum be arranged in the cover of the safety belt reeling device.’
    • ‘It's no wonder the topic became so over-exposed, though: the option compensation pendulum arced almost forever in one direction while the tech/telecom-industry miracles of the 1990's unfolded.’
    • ‘Other inventions for which he is credited include the deadbeat escapement, the mercury compensation pendulum, the minute repeater with damper, and the chronograph!’
    • ‘Presently, in 1726, came his great invention, the compensation pendulum.’
    • ‘His most impressive clock is now relocated into the hotel restaurant, a clock that has a compensation pendulum that is longer than the clock itself and is built into the wall so that it can be viewed from all sides.’


compensation pendulum

/ˌkämpənˈsāSHən ˈpenjələm/ /ˌkɑmpənˈseɪʃən ˈpɛndʒələm/ /ˈpendyələm/ /ˈpɛndjələm/