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  • 1(of a payment) intended to recompense someone who has experienced loss, suffering, or injury.

    ‘$50 million in compensatory damages’
    • ‘The rebels demand improved compensatory payments for loss of income.’
    • ‘At the very worst, a compensatory payment for loss of profit would be achieved through the courts.’
    • ‘This unit has been at the forefront in the use of technology for the accurate and timely delivery of special beef premium and slaughter premium compensatory payments, worth £265 million annually.’
    • ‘As a result, cattle, sheep and cereal farmers are being forced to produce food below the cost of production and, in return, accept direct compensatory payments to make up the production costs and provide an income.’
    • ‘A lot of the anger was directed at the chairman of the IFA beet committee over his apparent refusal to go all out for a compensatory payment for farmers.’
    • ‘York City could bank up to £250,000 over the next five seasons as a compensatory payment for the increased likelihood of losing their Football League status.’
    • ‘The EU proposals provide for compensatory payments for all dairy farmers, including those who quit production from 2004 onwards.’
    • ‘This recommendation of compensatory payments must not be advanced for any legal or related purpose in the proceedings that are now either pending or contemplated.’
    • ‘The commission said it would consider authorising national governments to make one-off compensatory payments.’
    • ‘In the course of the trial, Esser noted that dozens of managers in Germany have either pocketed compensatory payments such as his over the past few years, or are entitled to do so according to their contracts.’
    • ‘One species - tuna - benefits from a specific compensatory payment paid to producers at the moment when a fall in prices significantly affects the Community market.’
    • ‘These arrangements release distributors from fulfilling contracts, or generators from making compensatory payments to distributors.’
    • ‘The proper course for the landlord to adopt in such circumstances is to ask for a compensatory payment.’
    • ‘Tourism, which relies heavily on a thriving countryside, along with the public sector, after paying the disposal and compensatory payments, bore the brunt of the economic impact.’
    • ‘If such claim in equity is warranted, the breach of which provides for a right of action and compensatory damages for any loss established, no limitation period applies.’
    • ‘But there, the plaintiffs' families could only get compensatory damages, for losses such as the victims' lost future income.’
    • ‘While the introduction of EU compensatory payments will offset the price drop, a decline in calf prices combined with cost increases will result in continuing pressure on margins in dairy farming.’
    • ‘They have suffered no losses and are entitled to no compensatory rewards as redundancy payments have now been made.’
    • ‘Its conclusion was that although contract damages were generally compensatory, and the Attorney General had suffered no financial loss, in certain circumstances an account of profits was the appropriate remedy.’
    • ‘Thus, where the claimant suffers personal injuries the measure of compensatory damages will cover all the injuries that have been suffered physically, psychologically and mentally.’
    compensating, compensatory, extenuating, offsetting, qualifying, redemptive
    1. 1.1Reducing or offsetting the unpleasant or unwelcome effects of something.
      ‘the government is taking compensatory actions to keep the interest rate constant’
      • ‘Skin colour follows this pattern, with darker skins, produced by higher levels of melanin, acting as a compensatory mechanism to reduce the effect of high levels of solar radiation on the skin.’
      • ‘The main side effect, which is reasonably common and unwelcome, is compensatory sweating in other areas.’
      • ‘If the foot is flexible, orthotics designed to correct the pronated position may help unload the forefoot and reduce compensatory digital deformities.’
      • ‘In beta thalassemia, beta chain production is reduced along with a compensatory increase in gamma and delta chain production.’
      • ‘This sort of rapid affect on neuron function is critical to reduce potential compensatory changes in the nervous system.’
      • ‘Damage to young bunches may destroy or at best reduce the crop, although compensatory growth of the remaining berries may minimize the effects on final yield.’
      • ‘Such a response alone would achieve the compensatory effect needed to adjust the onset of emergence to latitude, but without the need to invoke genetic heterogeneity between populations.’
      • ‘Tocqueville's arguments for the strict separation of church and state are rooted in his concern that if religious dogma is fused with secular power, it will lose both its spillover and compensatory effects.’
      • ‘Vehicles would be fitted with tracking devices and the Government could reduce car or petrol tax as a compensatory measure.’
      • ‘As indicated earlier, deeper sleep neither reduces UA collapsibility nor alters the dynamics of the compensatory response.’
      • ‘Generally, mutations which disrupt or weaken the stem structure reduce the pausing strength, whereas compensatory mutations restore the pausing strength.’
      • ‘Targeting problem areas and implementing compensatory measures in those areas alone can help farmers reduce inputs and save money.’
      • ‘The core problem of implementation related to accompanying measures to the SEA, in particular, the demands of southern member states for adequate compensatory mechanisms to balance the adverse effects of market liberalization.’
      • ‘Studies have also revealed that classically conditioned physiological responses to nicotine have tended to be compensatory in nature, that is, opposite to the effects of the drug.’
      • ‘Lack of increase in parathyroid hormone results in reduced compensatory mechanisms.’
      • ‘This reduced absorption lowers serum cholesterol despite the compensatory increase in cholesterol synthesis which occurs in the liver and other tissues.’
      • ‘Furthermore, at the wake-sleep transition, there is also a greater decline in EMGgg in adults with OSAS than in control subjects, likely indicating a loss of compensatory mechanisms.’
      • ‘However, if the compensatory gain or loss occurs in one of these individuals, the gain and loss may then spread simultaneously through the population.’
      • ‘Loss of surface area is followed by compensatory loss of volume, attributed primarily to the action of Gardos channels.’
      • ‘I am mildly disappointed not to be earning money, but a large glass of red wine has an enormously compensatory effect.’



/kəmˈpensəˌtôrē/ /kəmˈpɛnsəˌtɔri/