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  • 1In an efficient and capable way.

    ‘some physicians are unable to cope competently with the problems of advanced old age’
    • ‘one of the most competently directed comedies in recent years’
    • ‘Individually, they are effective communicators who can competently manage group discussions in difficult situations.’
    • ‘The movie is stupid—too stupid for the impressive special effects or the competently directed action sequences to wash away the bitter taste.’
    • ‘He sits down at the machine and competently sews the hem.’
    • ‘The travails of building reactors with indigenous technology is competently related in the book.’
    • ‘He handles the assignment competently and strengthens his own confidence.’
    • ‘The report suggested that scientists should respond competently to media pressure and that the media should be obliged to report scientific matters accurately.’
    • ‘The instruments were competently played by members of the all-female orchestra.’
    • ‘His literary characters spoke competently about Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Chopin.’
    • ‘Most people would accept the need to express oneself competently.’
    • ‘To competently provide eldercare services, I encourage CPAs to learn about and understand the differences between Medicare and Medicaid.’
    1. 1.1In an acceptable and satisfactory, though not outstanding, way.
      ‘it's only competently sung and it's all but devoid of character’
      • ‘Never too clever for its own good, it captures that wasted youth vibe competently enough.’
      • ‘It is poorly directed, poorly written, and only competently acted.’
      • ‘The love story, although competently told, never soars.’
      • ‘He still has a good voice and plays guitar more than competently, but the freshness has disappeared.’
      • ‘For the most part, it's a fairly routine mystery-suspense series with a supernatural gimmick, executed competently but unremarkably.’
      • ‘It ends up being just another competently made, untaxing, light as candy-floss action film with a few laughs thrown in for good measure.’
      • ‘Predictably, the next installment will be equally as vacant, if not more so, than this competently average, empty-caloried affair.’
      • ‘I'd reached a point where I could play blues harmonica reasonably competently, without just huffing and puffing and blowing anything that came into my head.’
      • ‘We have got to do this work more than just competently.’
      • ‘All solos were delivered competently, some a great deal better than that.’



/ˈkämpitəntlē/ /ˈkɑmpɪtəntli/