Definition of competitively in English:


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  • 1In a way that strives to gain or win something by defeating others.

    ‘I began swimming competitively nearly 30 years ago’
    • ‘they were clamoring competitively for her attention’
    • ‘She may never dance competitively again.’
    • ‘I surfed competitively from age 13 to 18.’
    • ‘He skated competitively until the age of 18, when he gave it up to go to college.’
    • ‘He 's been racing competitively for around 18 months.’
    • ‘She rode horses competitively.’
    • ‘It's been nine months since I've played basketball competitively.’
    • ‘His agent said he was unlikely to swim competitively again.’
    • ‘They played more competitively in the final two sets.’
    • ‘They played competitively every single week.’
    • ‘Maybe he swims competitively and wants to monitor his technique?’
  • 2In a way that compares favorably with others of the same nature, particularly in relation to price.

    ‘we will have to do some outsourcing to stay competitively priced’
    • ‘If we're competitively priced, we can still earn customer loyalty.’
    • ‘They have higher quality product attributes and are priced competitively.’
    • ‘It is competitively priced at 40p.’
    • ‘As a farming company we need to produce food competitively for the world market.’
    • ‘They're late to market, and they're not competitively priced.’
    • ‘It's priced very competitively compared to most rivals.’
    • ‘You'll still have to price it competitively, but there's a definite market there.’
    • ‘Most publishers today seem to be pricing pretty competitively on most of their titles.’
    • ‘Pricing these cars competitively is essential to their popularity.’
    • ‘They are able to pay higher wages and still stay competitively in business.’



/kəmˈpedədəvlē/ /kəmˈpɛdədəvli/