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transitive verb

[with object]
  • 1Produce (something, especially a list, report, or book) by assembling information collected from other sources.

    ‘the local authority must compile a list of taxpayers’
    • ‘Online booksellers, such as Amazon and major book chains including Barnes and Noble now compile their own bestseller lists.’
    • ‘All local authorities in England must compile a register of contaminated land in their area under a section of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 which has just come into force.’
    • ‘Drawing on written and oral sources, he compiled lists of words from all walks of life, many subsequently shown not to be exclusively Australian.’
    • ‘Data from the four general sources used to compile the index should make it possible for companies to produce answers to a number of key questions about their regulatory compliance activities.’
    • ‘In total, about 30 schools and colleges from around the region have joined together to compile a comprehensive booklet of what is available.’
    • ‘His busy fingers, already callused from months of pumping iron, were in constant industry, compiling volumes of training information and the best photography available.’
    • ‘In this book, he has compiled a succinct volume of expertise, including his own, which makes the case solidly.’
    • ‘The ministry also said it has compiled an information booklet to distribute to farmers.’
    • ‘In this month three enterprising students from De La Salle College compiled a telephone directory of the local area.’
    • ‘In fairness to SWT, it must be extraordinarily difficult to compile a timetable for the network which will please everybody.’
    • ‘It's not just that people want to share what they've read, but that the tools for researching a bibliography or compiling a wishlist are so accessible and finely honed that they form one of the backbones of the internet.’
    • ‘She said she worked for another local authority on compiling a register of buildings containing asbestos, and claimed that it cleared up asbestos items which had been dumped within ten days.’
    • ‘Amateur genealogists are able to find a potential wealth of information in indexes compiled by the religion, which encourages its members to trace their forebears.’
    • ‘This information was used to compile a disability index.’
    • ‘I have used various sources - from books, magazines and reports - to compile the list.’
    • ‘Besides listing goals, the co-op has compiled a handbook to explain rules and procedures.’
    • ‘They compiled a fat score for each child by assessing the amount of cheese, chips and processed meats they consumed.’
    • ‘From these a score is compiled, with the lower the score the better the scar.’
    • ‘We do not compile a cumulative box score for each firm because of the comparative nature of consultant-client relationships.’
    • ‘I then used each individual grade to compile the overall story score.’
    assemble, put together, make up, collate, compose, marshal, organize, arrange, sort out, systematize, systemize, anthologize
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    1. 1.1Collect (information) in order to produce something.
      ‘the figures were compiled from a survey of 2,000 schoolchildren’
      • ‘Dozens of websites are devoted to compiling facts and figures about the number 23 and detailing those whose lives have been ruled by it.’
      • ‘Instead, Google compiles facts and delivers information as well as news clips to its panting audience.’
      • ‘A typical class project compiles enough news to fill a 36-page tabloid, which gets distributed throughout the state.’
      • ‘Using the above-mentioned tools, compiling information using charts, graphs, and other informational mapping becomes very simple.’
      • ‘In addition to compiling information on fertilizer rates, the group has discussed aerification, thatch removal and topdressing practices.’
      • ‘An international firm that compiles information and analysis for the business sector is claiming that Irish people have the highest quality of life in the world.’
      • ‘Recent amendments to the Privacy Act basically tried to cut out private organisations being able to compile information about people without their knowledge.’
      • ‘This feedback was compiled by the summit facilitator to provide information for the next summit meeting.’
      • ‘The archaeologists have been compiling the evidence and will hold a public meeting tomorrow at the Marchesi Centre in Windermere so that people can learn what has been found.’
      • ‘We are still in the process of compiling the evidence.’
      • ‘The case appeared before Beverley magistrates, after officers spent months compiling evidence and safety reports.’
      • ‘He is also compiling photographic evidence of the rodents.’
      • ‘What we have are fashion writers - people who write about fashion, compile the facts but rarely are bold enough, or have the necessary knowledge, to be able to put the fashion in context.’
      • ‘The film will be sent to the local community beat manager, who will compile evidence against repeat offenders which could result in bikes being confiscated.’
      • ‘The committee will solicit and compile student feedback about deregulation and release their findings in a report.’
      • ‘I admit that some of the research documents used to compile the facts are quite old, though I presume that largely they still apply today.’
      • ‘And lastly, we are compiling strong evidence from independent clinical studies that it is a very safe compound to ingest.’
      • ‘It's an attempt at deriving meaning or at least compiling the evidence.’
      • ‘Look here, for example, where average ACT scores are compiled by state.’
      • ‘To insure anonymity, the handwritten comments were typed and all numerical scores were compiled by an administrative assistant.’
      systematize, systemize, organize, arrange, order, marshal, set out, chart, structure, tabulate, catalogue, list, sort, dispose, index, classify, class, categorize, compile, group, range, file, log, grade, rate, assort
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    2. 1.2Accumulate (a specified score)
      ‘the 49ers have compiled a league-leading 14–2 record’
      • ‘Warton again failed to capitalise on a massive score compiled by their batsmen as they could only draw with Arnside.’
      • ‘Rising Sun went through the season undefeated for 26 weeks, compiling a perfect score of 78 League points.’
      • ‘If there is a bit of a mid-order collapse, he looks to have the technique and temperament to dig in, but the tail must continue to bat properly if England are to compile threatening scores.’
      • ‘‘We have the men capable of curbing the Limerick forwards sufficiently to deny them compiling a winning tally,’ he said.’
      • ‘In the second innings, Australia compiled a score of 397 with five batsmen scoring half centuries.’
      • ‘He is also ranked seventh in the world (by the WBC) and has already beaten three former world champions in compiling his record of 15 wins, one loss and a draw.’
      • ‘It was the third time the world champion has compiled three tons in a row, equalling Stephen Hendry's record.’
      • ‘He compiled breaks of 63 and 79 to lead 2-0 and exploited a series of chances to go 4-1 up.’
      • ‘Whyte made an early break of 16 in the third frame and later compiled a 50 break, starting it by potting a long red and stunning off the cushion to get position behind black.’
      • ‘Neil Wood was leading 36-13 and then Barry Rankin compiled a 37 break, the highest of the season so far.’
      • ‘The Welshman took his chance and compiled a 66 break to start him on a run of winning five frames in a row, including a 137 clearance in the seventh.’
      • ‘In both the British Open and the LG Cup, he compiled maximum 147 breaks but could not go on and lift the trophy.’
      • ‘Maguire compiled a 122 break to be one behind at 7-6 and then levelled the match.’
      • ‘Pete Musson compiled three breaks of 22 in his preliminary round victory over Paul Brolly.’
      • ‘Wood took brown as a free ball and went on to compile a 32 break with a brown, two blues and two blacks.’
      • ‘He went on to score 63, compiling 103 for the first wicket with Sean Hunter.’
      • ‘O'Sullivan was 15 when he first made the snooker world sit up - he became the youngest player to compile a recognised maximum break during the English Amateur Championships.’
      • ‘A lack of communication resulted in Richard Ounsley's innings stalling on 99, a score which helped Drax compile 220-8.’
      • ‘Doherty took a 6-2 lead last night, compiling a 107 break in the second frame but Dale hit the highest break of the televised stages with a 140 in the seventh frame.’
      • ‘The 28-year-old was seriously unimpressed with the reporting of his decision to walk out and concede a frame while Hicks was still compiling a break on Thursday.’
  • 2Computing
    (of a computer) convert (a program) into a machine-code or lower-level form in which the program can be executed.

    ‘this allows you to create programs and compile them’
    • ‘Processing power, therefore, is increasingly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.’
    • ‘In stark contrast with CGI programs, where Perl compiles the program once, executes it once and exits, mod perl caches a compiled version of the program and then executes that repeatedly.’
    • ‘Because mod perl compiles programs only once before executing them, the speed difference between Alzabo and raw DBI calls is probably not that great.’
    • ‘The lecturer is free, for example, to investigate and change class path settings to enable the student to compile the Java program.’
    • ‘GPU programs can be compiled and downloaded to the graphics card at runtime.’



/kəmˈpīl/ /kəmˈpaɪl/


Middle English from Old French compiler or its apparent source, Latin compilare ‘plunder or plagiarize’.