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  • 1A person who produces a list or book by assembling information or written material collected from other sources.

    ‘this passage was revised in different ways by later compilers’
    • ‘The whole thing is lovingly packaged, with several essays by the compilers.’
    • ‘The compilers rightly boast of their detective work in tracing a recording of the elusive Agatha Christie.’
    • ‘A hearty "fair play" must be bandied about to the compilers of this fine soundtrack.’
    • ‘Often, the selection of the books gives a clue to the bias of the compilers.’
    • ‘I think the compilers put together this offering based on the famous folks who have starred, rather than choosing the best of the best.’
    • ‘In the case of manuscripts, the compiler will note the current location of the manuscript in question, often using a standardized system of abbreviations.’
    • ‘From the description of this book's contents, I agree that the compiler is clueless.’
    • ‘Compiling involves not only reading, but the appropriation of ideas and words by the compiler.’
    • ‘Calling him merely a compiler is to diminish the importance of his engagement with the issues.’
    • ‘If the compilers of the Bible were undiscriminating, an iron-fisted discrimination seems nevertheless to have taken place.’
  • 2Computing
    A program that converts instructions into a machine-code or lower-level form so that they can be read and executed by a computer.

    ‘conversion would require more than just running it through a different compiler’
    • ‘It can't be a compiler optimization because the compiler would also have to optimize all the code that uses the structure, past, present, and future.’
    • ‘It's not always so easy when implementing an ultra-low-level feature to be sure that the compiler isn't going to do something that will cause the world to explode.’
    • ‘How hard would it be for a compiler to reorder the components of a structure in descending size in the internal representation used when it is actually created?’
    • ‘You're talking about how you think the compiler would enhance efficiency.’
    • ‘The alignment imposed by the padding scheme is always stronger than the alignment requirements—provided the compiler works.’
    • ‘Having a compiler magically reorder things can lead to "bad things."’
    • ‘I chose to focus on the normal behavior of compilers while dropping some clues to the fact that there's another layer of complexity and variation underneath it.’
    • ‘Exactly what the compiler does with "register" is implementation-defined in any case.’
    • ‘I really don't get this idea that giving less information to the compiler is somehow a good thing.’
    • ‘The code must be correctly written and understood by the compiler to be able to generate native code.’



/kəmˈpīlər/ /kəmˈpaɪlər/