Definition of complain in English:



  • 1reporting verb Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something.

    with clause ‘local authorities complained that they lacked sufficient resources’
    with direct speech ‘‘You never listen to me,’ Larry complained’
    no object ‘we all complained bitterly about the food’
    • ‘She said local people had complained bitterly about the lack of notice for the plan to extend the deadline by a year.’
    • ‘Mrs Owen complained to an attendant but was dissatisfied with the response.’
    • ‘He complained to the local authority about the noises and smells from his neighbour's farm.’
    • ‘The pensioner complained to the President about a lack of plumbing in her village.’
    • ‘Part of this comes from her old-fashioned view that one does not complain about such annoyances.’
    • ‘Indeed, graduates have complained bitterly about a lack of school identity and diversity.’
    • ‘A rail passenger travelling from Montreal to New York City complained to the guard that his seat was lumpy.’
    • ‘This lawlessness had led locals to hold protest marches and complain about the lack of action by police.’
    • ‘The young have complained to me that the trouble with our leadership is that when they explain, it insults their intelligence.’
    • ‘Approaching my last year and a half, I was given bad dates to register until I finally got really fed up and complained to the dean.’
    • ‘Critics have also complained bitterly that the board failed to release financial records despite promises to do so.’
    • ‘People always complain about the lack of explanation.’
    • ‘Still, he is not complaining too loudly.’
    • ‘McClelland put air conditioning in a local church, and the pastor never complained about the noise again.’
    • ‘In the late 1970s, even critics complained about the shortage of actresses in major roles.’
    • ‘Customers have been complaining for years about the broken, ailing equipment and leisure officials are pleading for more visitors.’
    • ‘I imagine the police coming when a neighbor complains about the smell from the drains.’
    • ‘In Mumbai restaurants, customers were complaining about the quality of onions they were being served.’
    • ‘Authors complain loud enough when their publishers don't do it.’
    • ‘If I were a cyclist, I'd be complaining to the local council.’
    protest, grumble, moan, whine, bleat, carp, cavil, lodge a complaint, make a complaint, make a fuss
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  • 2complain ofno object State that one is suffering from (a pain or other symptom of illness)

    ‘her husband began to complain of headaches’
    • ‘She suffered a cut to her ankle and also complained of a whiplash-like pain.’
    • ‘So, when a child complains of back pain, one has to act fast and go for a thorough investigation.’
    • ‘With no real operation having taken place, the patient does not feel any pain, complains of no scars, and can walk home immediately afterwards.’
    • ‘A week after the wedding the bride's mother complains of pains in her stomach.’
    • ‘A patient who complains of recurrent back pain is evaluated to rule out a definitive cause.’
    • ‘When one of the rescue party complains of chest pains, the Air Corps lift him from one of the boats.’
    • ‘My parents seemed to be fully awake and were not complaining of any aches and pains, to my surprise.’
    • ‘He was re-admitted to hospital the following month after complaining of severe pain in his leg.’
    • ‘He first visited his doctor in April 2001 complaining of a pain in his knee.’
    • ‘He was taken to Bury General Hospital complaining of severe chest pains, but later died.’
    • ‘The children who reported back pain also complained of abdominal pain, headaches and sore throats.’
    • ‘He complained of chest pain and was rushed to the hospital with an oxygen mask.’
    • ‘When I consider it, I can't think of the last time someone complained of illness in front of me.’
    • ‘He was later released, but over the next couple of days wasn't himself and complained of chest pains.’
    • ‘But he often complained of aches and pains and did look like he was slowing down.’
    • ‘She had complained of severe abdominal pain and he carried out an examination with her consent.’
    • ‘He complained of pain in his arm and it was only then doctors realised both of them had broken left arms.’
    • ‘He just complained of chest pains and the lifeguard suggested we take him to hospital.’
    • ‘She said she asked for an eye test and agreed to allow him to look at her back after she complained of back pain.’
    • ‘When the carers who come in every morning tried to get him to sit up, he complained of pain in his back.’
  • 3no object (of a structure or mechanism) groan or creak under strain.

    • ‘I yelled while the muscles on my body were complaining with great strain.’
    • ‘As if to torment them further, the steps creaked, complaining with each step they made loud enough to wake the dead.’
    • ‘After two years of being asked to do nothing more than growl and yip, my voice-box complained at the strain of speech.’
    • ‘There, I sat and waited, the room gently spinning, my sinuses groaning, my throat complaining, my heart beating at mousepace.’
    squeak, groan, grate
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    1. 3.1literary Make a mournful sound.
      ‘let the warbling flute complain’


Late Middle English from Old French complaindre, from medieval Latin complangere ‘bewail’, from Latin com- (expressing intensive force) + plangere ‘to lament’.