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‘If it became possible for shareholders to sue firms where those firms might reasonably have protected them from insider trading, corporate Australia's complaisance towards insider trading could take a healthy hit.’
  • ‘And this has caused a mass unjustified complaisance.’
  • ‘A rebellion of public opinion against such complaisance is possible but not certain.’
  • ‘When people say that they like their pork chops, veal, or foie gras just too much ever to give them up, reason hears in that the voice of gluttony, willfulness, or at best moral complaisance.’
  • ‘But the rise in labor standards may also stem from the sensitivity or complaisance of a richer consuming public that decides that it can afford to do better by workers.’



/kəmˈplās(ə)ns/ /kəmˈpleɪs(ə)ns/