Definition of complement fixation test in English:

complement fixation test


  • A test for infection with a microorganism which involves measuring the amount of complement available in serum to bind with an antibody–antigen complex.

    ‘Influenza A and B antibodies were measured using the complement fixation test.’
    • ‘Using a complement fixation test with an antigen derived from a freshly cultured strain of unencapsulated H influenzae, an investigation of 74 patients with chronic bronchitis showed no change in antibody levels during exacerbations.’
    • ‘Other methods like immunoelectroosmophoresis and modified complement fixation test were developed, but they lacked sensitivity.’
    • ‘The diagnosis is confirmed by haemagglutination and complement fixation tests.’
    • ‘Detection of dengue IgM antibodies is an easier method of diagnosing DF as compared to other classical serological methods like haemagglutination inhibition, neutralization and complement fixation tests.’