Definition of complexly in English:



See complex

‘As it is, the somewhat uniform and monolithic representation of ‘the West’ mars the attempt to produce a nuanced and subtle reading of cultural hybridity as the inevitable product of a complexly interwoven global milieu.’
  • ‘In contradiction to the usual concept of poetry as dense and academic, complexly layered with meaning and allusion, McGarragle is hoping to hook audiences with ‘in-between’ poetry.’
  • ‘Modern fathers are complex - and they have to be complexly, not crudely, managed to get the best out of them.’
  • ‘Clearly, in order to preserve the more fragile and complexly articulated examples, only five masks were wired to move, and their gestures were simple.’
  • ‘But in addition to these overt bodily manifestations, fear is also complexly wired into our social networks.’