Definition of complicit in English:


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  • Involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing.

    ‘all of these people are complicit in some criminal conspiracy’
    • ‘Indeed, it is highly likely that she is complicit in the criminal activity permeating this case.’
    • ‘Doping is very, very seldom accidental and almost always involves people complicit in the effort.’
    • ‘If I do not speak out against this nonchalant murder of innocents, I am complicit with my government.’
    • ‘At the very least, he said, they were complicit in the victory of evil.’
    • ‘Worse, we become complicit in extending suffering - not just our own, but that of others also.’
    • ‘So they know that they were uncomfortably put in a position of being complicit in a cover-up.’
    • ‘The fact that you wrote this indicates that you don't want to be an accessory, that you would rather not be complicit.’
    • ‘However, their over-the-top rock cabaret works because the audience are hysterically complicit.’
    • ‘Thanks to a coincidence of complexion, we are complicit and we will pay.’
    • ‘Earth and air were equally complicit in this translation's origin.’
    • ‘Scholars have become complicit, facilitators instead of critics and creators.’
    • ‘Landowners who are found to be complicit in the unauthorised dumping of waste may also be hauled before court.’
    • ‘But we, the final arbiters of what qualifies a photograph for immortality, are complicit in this.’
    • ‘I felt complicit in the process which allowed this book to happen.’
    • ‘It doesn't help that they're aided and abetted by a complicit media.’
    • ‘Is there any evidence that either of these men were actually complicit in crimes against humanity?’
    • ‘And I watched every minute of it, aware that I was now complicit in the conspiracy.’
    • ‘In some way, we the fans were complicit in this failure because we consoled ourselves too easily.’
    • ‘The press, he adds, has been complicit in turning a blind eye to the government's record.’
    • ‘Search engines and advertisers have become complicit in the same self-delusion.’



/kəmˈplisit/ /kəmˈplɪsɪt/


Mid 19th century back-formation from complicity.