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  • A person who arranges type for printing or keys text into a composing machine.

    ‘It may be argued that Sarah Fielding's use of dashes in the first edition was not in fact deliberate but was merely the work of a compositor or of compositors involved in the printing process.’
    • ‘For decades the small but powerful unions of printers and pressmen had won rich contract settlements as well as expensive press manning clauses and lifetime job guarantees for the compositors displaced by computerized typesetting.’
    • ‘I spent roughly 30 years in the book publishing business, most of which was on the production side dealing with type compositors and printers.’
    • ‘Both scribes and printing-house compositors made occasional further alterations in the course of transmitting Shakespeare's text, including linguistic details such as punctuation, spelling, and grammatical inflections.’
    • ‘Having qualified as a compositor he later became a linotype operator.’



/kəmˈpäzədər/ /kəmˈpɑzədər/


Late Middle English (originally Scots, denoting an umpire or arbiter): from Anglo-Norman French compositour, from Latin compositor, from composit- ‘put together’, from the verb componere (see composition).