Definition of compost heap in English:

compost heap

(also compost pile)

Pronunciation /ˈkämˌpōst ˌhēp/ /ˈkɑmˌpoʊst ˌhip/


  • A pile of garden and organic kitchen refuse which decomposes to produce compost.

    ‘There should be a smooth, broad path that provides an easy ride for the garden cart to the compost heap, so that cleanup is no harder than it need be.’
    • ‘You'll have plenty of organic debris for the compost pile!’
    • ‘Most days, however, I usually just add the used grounds to the compost pile along with other kitchen scraps.’
    • ‘Excess leaves can be bagged and moistened to make leaf mold, which can be added gradually to the compost pile or spread in flower beds.’
    • ‘The resulting compost is great for the garden, and the compost pile attracts all kinds of wildlife.’
    • ‘If grubs are found, remove the plant, wash all the soil from its roots and dispose of all the compost - don't put it on the compost heap or in the garden.’
    • ‘Instead use them as mulch for a vegetable garden or add them to your compost pile.’
    • ‘What we can't eat, the hens eat, and recycle into nice fertiliser which acts as an accelerant for the compost heap where all the garden waste goes.’
    • ‘Supplying enough air to all parts of a compost pile to encourage thorough decomposition is perhaps the key to successful composting.’
    • ‘Then she tosses the bundle onto her compost pile where the newspaper and kitchen scraps all break down together.’
    • ‘We turn kitchen scraps into our open compost pile to discourage creatures.’
    • ‘Remember to mix grass clippings with other garden wastes in the compost heap to avoid them becoming slimy, stagnant and smelly.’
    • ‘But by then, they can be added to the compost pile, where they'll continue to break down into humus.’
    • ‘These plants can be placed in your compost pile for use as great mulch the following spring.’
    • ‘Organic wastes typically take several months to a year to compost in a compost pile.’
    • ‘Virtually everything organic goes onto the compost heap.’
    • ‘Do not discard them into a compost pile, especially any roses with black spots.’
    • ‘Although not required, a wire, wood, or plastic container keeps your compost pile looking neat and prevents animals from scattering food scraps.’
    • ‘And make sure to keep it far away from your compost pile.’
    • ‘The ruined fruit can be tossed on the compost pile.’