Definition of compound fracture in English:

compound fracture

Pronunciation /kəmˈpound ˈfrak(t)SHər/ /kəmˈpaʊnd ˈfræk(t)ʃər/


  • An injury in which a broken bone pierces the skin, causing a risk of infection.

    Compare with simple fracture

    ‘That way you can upgrade your patient's break from a simple to a compound fracture and claim more money from the insurance company.’
    • ‘He suffered a broken neck, a compound fracture of his right shoulder, and eye damage.’
    • ‘He suffered a compound fracture of the shin bone, with the impact of the stick compressing the bone.’
    • ‘Lorna was left with two broken bones and compound fracture in her wrist, which required four metal pins and plaster.’
    • ‘But they have open fractures, compound fractures, and we are dealing with them in a hurry.’
    • ‘He had a fractured skull and a compound fracture to his right leg.’
    • ‘By 1864, hospital trains had been proven safe enough that rail transport included seriously wounded patients who had sustained compound fractures and penetrating abdominal wounds.’
    • ‘The family was worried about his older brother, who had suffered a compound fracture of the leg in a car accident and needed bone grafts.’
    • ‘A fracture, perhaps even a compound fracture, is almost guaranteed.’
    • ‘We better learn how to treat multiple complications, asphyxiation, lacerations, shock, compound fractures, internal bleeding, burns, and organ problems ranging from compressed kidneys to heart failure to resuscitation.’
    • ‘He needed complete facial reconstructive surgery for complex compound fractures.’
    • ‘From simple (bandages and aspirin) to elaborate (enough to splint a compound fracture or suture a gaping wound), the kits should be personalized.’
    • ‘I was surprised to see no compound fractures or blunt trauma.’
    • ‘The medics worked on stabilizing the compound fracture of his leg while the rest of us did what we could to support him in a position that would help him breathe more easily.’
    • ‘She was released from the hospital a few days later with a cast on her right arm, a broken hand, and her right leg surgically repaired with a permanent titanium rod mending two compound fractures.’
    • ‘If you're expecting compound fractures you'll be disappointed - and that may just be the beginning of your disappointment.’
    • ‘He also suffered compound fractures to several vertebrae.’
    • ‘You had compound fractures mostly in the legs and arms and a few ribs were broken.’
    • ‘I usually won't see a doctor for anything less than a compound fracture, and even then I'd better be able to see the bone sticking out before I'll get in the car.’
    • ‘I think it was a compound fracture which necessitated pins and wires being inserted in the hand.’