Definition of compound leaf in English:

compound leaf

Pronunciation /kəmˈpound lēf/ /kəmˈpaʊnd lif/


  • A leaf of a plant consisting of several or many distinct parts (leaflets) joined to a single stem.

    ‘Remember, however, that the frond is just a compound leaf and not a stem.’
    • ‘Because the Sesbania species have pinnately compound leaves, for defoliation the central rachis of the leaf was cut once halfway along its length.’
    • ‘Given the large number of leaflets which make up the compound leaf of A. spinosa, it is difficult to understand why White's numbers are so low.’
    • ‘By 1 March 1992, plants had produced one to three compound leaves up to 4 cm in length and still retained their cotyledons, which by mid-March were 8 cm in length.’
    • ‘Fronds are, strictly speaking, elaborate compound leaves, attached to the stem by a petiole.’