Definition of compounder in English:


Pronunciation /kəmˈpoundər/ /kəmˈpaʊndər/


  • A person who mixes or combines ingredients in order to produce an animal feed, medicine, or other substance.

    ‘compounders make up medicines for doctors or pharmacies’
    • ‘Brewers, distillers, feed compounders, wheat and oat millers from all parts of the country are anxious to incorporate IGAS into their own Quality Schemes.’
    • ‘It does not single out any of the renderers or the feed compounders for penalty or sanction.’
    • ‘In an attempt to offer global services to medical device manufacturers and others who need specialty compounding, some firms are setting up an alliance of small to medium-sized independent plastic compounders.’
    • ‘Wells is a compounder of additive master batches.’
    • ‘A custom compounder of engineering thermoplastics has announced the addition of a white room to its site in Columbus, IN.’
    • ‘When preparing an ointment, the compounder is urged to ensure that the base will meet the criteria required.’
    • ‘There is a realisation among compounders and end users that grain supplies will be very tight across the EU this year and this is reflected in the market price for grain.’
    • ‘If they chose the topics on seasonal conditions, their seniors became doctors, compounders, nurses and lab technicians.’
    • ‘But had to give up when he was told that I was not fit enough to become even a compounder.’