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  • Able to be understood; intelligible.

    ‘clear and comprehensible English’
    • ‘The writing must be comprehensible by a moderately intelligent human being.’
    • ‘Sihad had to calm down before he was able to say anything comprehensible.’
    • ‘The epistemological project feels like the pursuit of a perfectly comprehensible intellectual goal.’
    • ‘He makes the force of the scientific evidence transparently clear and comprehensible to all readers.’
    • ‘Do you see a way of keeping it technical but less obtuse and more transparent, more comprehensible?’
    • ‘This is partly because unit trusts are seen as more accessible and more comprehensible by lay investors.’
    • ‘This forced the judge to intervene and rephrase the question in plain comprehensible English.’
    • ‘The explanation of the science at work was clear, concise and comprehensible.’
    • ‘The subtitles are clear, comprehensible and easy to follow.’
    • ‘The dialogue is crisp and clear, easily comprehensible and audible at all times.’
    • ‘His journalistic skill is evident through his clear prose and comprehensible style.’
    • ‘Whatever might be said against the classic interpretation, it was at least coherent and comprehensible.’
    • ‘Even topics of a serious nature are covered in a simple, lucid manner so as to make them comprehensible to the common man.’
    • ‘One knows that a science is mature when it is no longer comprehensible to the general, intelligent public.’
    • ‘It is all designed to be comprehensible, even if you do not understand IT jargon or technology.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I think this is used as an excuse to reject the need for a comprehensible plot or characterisation.’
    • ‘Most of it should be pretty comprehensible to non-specialist readers.’
    • ‘You still won't be interesting, but you may be comprehensible.’
    • ‘These kids just can't express themselves in anything like a comprehensible way.’
    • ‘So they rush off in search of more comprehensible things to hate.’
    intelligible, understandable, easy to understand, digestible, user-friendly, accessible
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/ˌkämprəˈhensəb(ə)l/ /ˌkɑmprəˈhɛnsəb(ə)l/


Late 15th century from French compréhensible or Latin comprehensibilis, from comprehens- ‘seized, comprised’, from the verb comprehendere (see comprehend).